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Jan 16, 2020

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Huawei: No more Android updates, the temporary license has ended

Aug 18, 2020 Hamza Ali News 454 hits

Huawei: No more Android updates, the temporary license has ended

Huawei has just lost its temporary license which allowed it to continue the maintenance of its old products and other infrastructures. This will mark the end of the Android life of some of the brand's old phones, Xda-developers reported.

The month of May marked the first anniversary of Donald Trump's embargo against Huawei. Three months later, the " General Temporary Operating License  " granted to the Chinese brand has just ended. What impact some of the products that were not until then.


When the US embargo against Huawei was put in place in 2019 for “ national security ” reasons   , companies across the Atlantic was refused any transaction with the Chinese giant. We now know the consequences and the smartphone manufacturer found itself deprived of the Google Play Store and Android updates. At least on its new smartphones.

On the old ones, it was different until then. Having already received their user license, these devices also benefited from a temporary operating license allowing them to receive updates from Google as needed. This reprieve, which was to last 90 days, was finally maintained for 1 year and 90 days but has now come to an end.


Older Huawei devices, like the P30 which is still selling very well, will still be able to take advantage of the Google Play Store, but Google will no longer be able to provide maintenance. If this generation goes under Android 11 therefore, it will be done without Google services, replaced by HMS (Huawei Mobile Services).

But even worse, it also means that all security updates pushed from Google's Mobile Play Services will no longer be deployed either. In addition, one could eventually imagine that the American applications would no longer be updated either, ultimately rendering them inoperative. This point remains less serious, however, since it will always be possible to update them manually from third-party sources.

“  We continue to work with Huawei, in accordance with government regulations to provide security updates and updates to Google apps and services on existing devices,  ” Google said in February, “  and we will continue to do so. do as long as it is allowed  ”. The time has now come: it is no longer allowed.

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